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 Jàguar Lacroix

Jàguar Lacroix is a multimedia artist working across a range of materials: installation, sound, film, writing, photography and works on paper. Lacroix (pronounced la' qua) is interested in the abject 'non-object' and in liminal dimensions - negative and potentized space - for example, "implied" presence and the absent "object".


The body is represented as cipher: political / familial / or personal. As site of desecration; repository of personal history

and as a location of social manipulation.

Jàguar's work often references literature (especially the French psychoanalysts) and deals extensively with issues of death / the abject, sensations of disgust / revulsion, dissociative states and societal denial.  Her strategy is to build communicative  bridges between the unconscious and the sublime in order to elicit states of transformation; utilising the unique capacity of art to produce visceral responses to visual information.

For Lacroix, art comprises a form of stealth communication with the potential to subvert the intellectual defences that are commonly engaged in a purely academic discussion

of disturbing material.

The viewers humanity is tested via a capacity to feel empathy.

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