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FLESH+BLOOD - desaparecidos:

An installation referencing Graziano's text, Divine Violence; Spectacle, Psychosxuality and Radical Christianity in the Argentine "Dirty War". Pseudo medical terminology is used in torture rooms. Quirófano means operating theatre. Doctors were present in the torture rooms of Argentina as they were during the Holocaust and elsewhere to assess the tolerance of the victims for further 'confessions'. 

In the Argentine "dirty war" Frank Graziano (1992) describes how the torture victim becomes a mouthpiece for the states dialectical reinforcement of power via the repetitive theatrics of atrocity. In other words the torturer tears from the torture victim the dialogue which reinforces State justification for the violence being perpetrated. Thus it can appear that the victim, condemns, implicates and 'participates' in torturing himself, and via a circular process exonerates the State. The fictional narrative of this production is reflected in the names for the torture rooms which run parallel to those of the theatre and film set: "the blue lit stage" (Chile), "the production room" (Philippines), and the "cinema room" in South Vietnam (Graziano, 1992, p. 79). (Lacroix, ND)

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